Ford Mustang Masters Performance

Join the team at Landers Ford in celebrating the handling performance of the Ford Mustang. Designed for masterful responsive performance, the Mustang continues to make inroads to smooth out the roughest terrain.

The MagneRide Damping System works with independent rear suspension to knock the bumps out of the road. The MagneRide Damping System responds 1,000 times per second to terrain changes. With the MagneRide system, Ford replaces the standard hydraulic fluid in the shocks with Magneto-Rheological fluid. This fluid works with magnetic energy to change the viscosity of the fluid, which affects the resistance levels of the suspension system. What this means to you is the Ford Mustang absorbs more bumps to give you a smoother ride.

The independent rear suspension is designed to minimize the body jerks that comes with an uneven surface. It does this with precision responses to the terrain, with the help of aluminum-alloy rear knuckles and H-arms.

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